Easily Create Invisible Folder Without Any Software.

Want to protect your folder and avoid being used by the other user in Windows?? Here’s the simple solution to avoid this stuff by making your folder invisible in Windows to protect your files and other folders in it from unauthorised users in Windows.

Now people are keen towards the protection about their documents by making it invisible to others. Invisible folders have fewer chances to be accessed than the one which is visible. It completely depends on the user which makes it invisible. Here is a procedure which will help you to make your folders invisible to others anywhere in the computer.

Procedure Includes the Following Steps: 

1. Create a folder which you would like to hide anywhere in the computer with any name. 

2.Right click on the created folder and move to PROPERTIES => CUSTOMIZE

3.There is a option called CHANGE ICON. A window will be displayed as shown below. 

(NOTE: “look for the icon in this file” should contain “%SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll” address if not copy and paste the above address.). The screen will look like as shown below:

3.Among them move to 13th column, which has invisible icons, select it and click on “OK”. This will make your folder look invisible.

4.Now to make the folder’s name invisible, right click on that folder again and click on “Rename”. Now rename the folder with ALT code “0160” or "255". (To do this press ALT + 0160 or ALT + 255 from the keyboard). 

5.On pressing ENTER your folder will be completely invisible. 

Points to Remember: 

1. It is not applicable with the folder with the “THUMBNAIL” view in WINDOWS XP or “LARGE ICONS” and “EXTRALARGE ICONS” view in WINDOWS 7. It will show a frame for the invisible folder.

2. The folders should not be “Autoarrange”, as the hidden folder will be placed in the first position of the folder.

3.On doing refresh, the folder can be seen. (NOTE: To hide that folder Right Click on the folder => Hidden). If position of the folder is not known then unhide the folder and do refresh. 

Special thanks to my Best Friend Sahal Master for helping me to know "How can a Folder be made Invisible".



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