Have you ever wanted to have screenshot of  an entire webpage while browsing in Google Chrome? Yes, we can use print screen or snipping tool, but what if we want the full web page in just one single shot? Here’s the easy solution to capture entire webpage or selected portion of the web page or only visible part of the webpage.

To capture the entire webpage all you need is to install “Awesome Screenshot” extension to your Google Chrome. To install Awesome Screenshot to you Google Chrome, click here.

[OPTIONAL] After installation, go to ‘Customize and Control Google Chrome’ => Tools => Extensions. Here you can view all your extension installed in your Google Chrome. Find for ‘Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate’ and tick ‘Allow in Incognito’. This will allow you to even take screenshots while working with Incognito Window in Google Chrome.

That’s all, now you will see a new icon in your Google Chrome right next to your address bar similar as shown below.

Whenever you want to have the screen shot just click on that icon and select appropriate option between entire webpage, selected web portion or visible web portion. 

After the screen shot, you will be forwarded to editing tools where you can blur your private data, write text, etc.

After editing, click on Done. Also there are options to save on Google Drive, print the screen shot, copy to clipboard or Download/Save that to your PC or laptop.

The preview of the final screen shot of entire web page is here.

Here's the youtube video which features the Awesome Screenshot: Capture & Annotate for Google Chrome. 

Link to below video. 

That’s It. If you have any problem, feel free to comment below. Have a Nice Day Ahead.

How To Make Your Android Led Flashlight Blink On Receiving An Incoming Message, Call, Alarm Or Notification.

Are you ready to do something crazy with your Android Camera Flash Light? Here’s the post that will really surprise you keeping you that even android can have some stunning features like iPhone. 

In last post I discussed how to make your iPhone’s LED flashlight blink on receiving incoming message, call or notification by using inbuilt option/feature in iOS. Similarly you can do the same with any android device having flashlight facility. A developer on XDA-Developers developed this app that can blink your LED flashlight on incoming call. 


How to Download Youtube Videos For Free On Mozilla Firefox.

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular browsers used worldwide. And if you are one of them using Mozilla Firefox, you can now easily download YouTube videos by a single click. Just follow the simple procedure below. 

My last post also featured How To Download Youtube Videos With Google Chrome and Download Youtube Videos Without Any Software From AnyBrowser Without Any Software.

How To Make Your iPhone’s LED Flashlight Blink On Receiving An Incoming Message, Call Or Notification.

Did you ever know that your iPhone can aware you by blinking its LED Flashlight when you receive an incoming call, message or notification. This may be useful for those who usually keep their iPhone on silent mode or mute. 

The steps are easy as Apple iPhone has an inbuilt feature that you can use to blink your LED flashlight. I tried this on iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 and seems to work exactly as it should be. And must also work on the newer versions of Apple iPhones.