Remove Autorun.inf without any tool or software.

This post would let you know how to remove the residing autorun.inf file even you cleared all the viruses in your pendrive or local drives. This file makes the drives not when we try to open it or when we try to rename the drive it won’t. This file is used by most of the virus authors to reside there work even after the user remove all the viruses from their computer. This file give lots of annoiences. Basically it usally used to call or run the viruses frequently. This file can also be used to work as i said above. To remove this type of files from your computer do the following steps:- 

1. Click start and then run

2. Type cmd to open up the command prompt.

3. Change your directory to any on off your directory by using syntax driveletter: For example d:

4. Then type the command attrib in the prompt it display the list of executable files in the current directory.

5. Check whether autorun.inf file is present or not.

6. If not then you are lucky.

7. If present then you have to follow all the following steps to remove that file.

8. First you have to remove the power it is having for ex read only attribute etc…

9. The attribute depends on viruses.

10. One common step to remove all its properties is type the following command in the command prompt:- attrib -s -h -r autorun.inf

11. -s to remove its system attribute, -h to remove its hidden attribute and -r to remove the read only attribute.

12. You can use this steps to remove any of the files which has this properties.

13. Remember before doing the above steps you have to remove all the viruses form your computer. I recommend avast home edition which is free and 100% perfect. If you haven’t clean the viruses first clean it because after you delete this file it will automatically creates it without your knowledge.

14. Then type the following command:- del autorun.inf.

15. Now you have successfully deleted the file after you deleted the file restart your computer or remove your pendrive and plug it again.

In this way you can remove that file.

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